2023 Partners

Lead Partner

CereVasc Event Sponsor


CereVasc, Inc., is a clinical-stage, venture-funded, medical device company developing novel, minimally invasive treatments for patients with neurological diseases. Its flagship product, the eShunt® System, is a percutaneous endovascular catheter that accesses CSF at the base of the brain, anterior to the pons/brainstem via a minimally invasive approach. Presently in clinical trials to deploy an implant into the CSF, the system has been designed to offer the first minimally invasive treatment for hydrocephalus. Encouraging trial data supports the potential alternative use of the device for CNS therapy delivery, focused on balancing invasiveness and efficiency versus existing ROAs.


Expertise Partner

Clearpoint Neuro Event Sponsor

ClearPoint Neuro

ClearPoint Neuro’s mission is to improve and restore quality of life to patients and their families by enabling therapies for the most complex neurological disorders with pinpoint accuracy. The ClearPoint® Neuro Navigation System has FDA clearance, is CE-marked, and is installed in 60 active clinical sites in the US and expanding into the EU. The SmartFlow® cannula is being used in partnership with over 20 biologics & drug delivery companies in various stages from preclinical research to late stage regulatory trials. More than 4,000 cases have been supported by our field-based clinical specialist team which offers support and services for our partners.


Exhibition Partner

Neurochase Event Sponsor


Our mission is to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutics for the central nervous system (CNS) by building the next-generation of universally accessible interventional engineering tools for functional neurosurgery.


Programme Partner

ACD Programme Partner

Advanced Cell Diagnostics

ACD, a Bio-Techne brand, is a leader and pioneer in the advancement of spatial genomics. Based on proprietary RNAscope™ Technology, the first multiplex fluorescent and chromogenic ISH platform, we enable single-cell RNA detection within spatial context.

Our portfolio includes RNAscope, BaseScope™, miRNAscope™, RNAscope Plus, Multiplex Fluorescent V2 and HiPlex™ v2. With 45,000+ probes and our Professional Assay Services, we enable rapid visualization of unique targets. Launched in 2011, the technology has been cited in 8,000+ articles.


Exhibition Partner

Quanterix Exhibition Partner


From discovery to diagnostics, Quanterix’s ultrasensitive biomarker detection is fueling breakthroughs only made possible through the Company’s unparalleled sensitivity and flexibility. Its industry-leading Simoa® precision instruments, digital immunoassay technology and CLIA-certified Accelerator laboratory have supported research that advances disease understanding, management and patient care in neurology, oncology, immunology, cardiology and infectious disease for nearly two decades.


Event Partner

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Founded in 2008, we are a privately-held biotech company. We work with big pharma, biotech and academia across the world. Through a constant focus on high quality data, scientific excellence, speed and solid teamwork, we have established ourselves as a highly professional and competent partner in the market.

To study gene delivery or biodistribution in pre-clinical models of neurodegeneration, we have developed a unique pipeline for quantitative whole-brain 3D imaging. By combining light sheet microscopy, AI-powered image analysis and cloud-based data reporting we enable visualisation and quantification of CNS targets, drug distribution and viral uptake across the intact mouse brain.


Beacon Logo - Partner

Beacon Targeted Therapies

Beacon is a world leading data analysis tool for preclinical and clinical trial information. With unrivalled granularity of search function, data quality, and exhaustiveness, Beacon provides timely information and gives you confidence to progress your targeted drug therapies to patients.


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