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Discover Novel Gene Therapy Delivery Routes to Effectively Target the CNS, Optimizing Vector Engineering & Mitigate Immunogenicity to Deliver an Efficacious Dose

Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Summit (GTxN) is dedicated to solving the translational drug development challenges for neurological disorders.

Built alongside experts from Avexis, Sarepta, Voyager, Novartis and more, the GTxN agenda will share cutting-edge science on the fields hottest topics including:


The pros and cons of different gene therapy administration routes for more efficient delivery
Addressing immunogenicity and dosage challenges without compromising
Introducing novel capsids and advances in capsid engineering for improved cell targeting
Improving transduction efficiency and exploring advances in technology for monitoring gene expression
Accounting for limited large mammal model availability and accounting for limitations for improved translation
Discuss the future of CRISPR and gene editing for CNS disorders to assess different genetic therapeutic approaches



2 Interactive Workshops


Hours of Networking

Poster Session