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Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Summit Europe

6-8 June 2023 | Amsterdam

Delivering the Next Wave of Gene Therapies to the CNS

Streamlining CNS Drug Delivery Devices for Improved Brain Biodistribution; Discovering Novel Vectors for CNS Specificity & Tropism; & Optimizing Gene Therapy Strategy for Paediatric & Adult Neurological Disorders

In December, the 4th Annual Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders meeting returned to Boston to welcome discovery, preclinical, translational and clinical industry scientists to share, learn and network for the shared goal of successfully and safely delivering gene therapies to the CNS.

Join the expanding audience of gene therapy experts seeking to overcome the translational hurdles of developing gene therapies for CNS targets, from discovery, preclinical, translational, clinical, and commercial departments at the likes of Capsigen, AviadoBio, AskBio,Novartis, Prevail Therapeutics,Passage Bio,Voyager Therapeutics,UniQure and more.

2022 Speakers Included

Shyam Ramachandran

Neuroscience Head, Genomic Medicine Unit


Sharyl Fyffe-Maricich

Executive Director of Molecular & Cell Biology Research


Ruby Boyanapalli

Associate Director


Elizabeth Ramsburg

Head Of Central Nervous System & Research

Spark Therapeutics

David Huss

Chief Scientific Officer

Shape Therapeutics

Laura Jane Smith

Principle Scientist & Scientific Co-founder

Homology Medicines

Ben Deverman

Director of Vector Engineering, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research

Broad Institute

Bryn Martin

Vice President, Research, Precision Delivery, & CSF Sciences

Alcyone Therapeutics, Inc

Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders 2021 Attendee Reviews

"A great survey across the neurological treatment space -- from the basis of disease, to biomarkers and clinical application -- was covered."
Bryan Vought, Director, In Vitro Biology, Ring Therapeutics

"Well worth my time"
Laura Blumberg, Director, Global Medical Safety, Biogen

"I have learned a lot in this conference and hope to learn more in the future on how to improve the efficiency of drug delivery for gene therapy products."
Amy Yang, Senior Director, Program Management, Ovid Therapeutics

"Great line up of speakers in the middle of the Omicron variant! Vibrant atmosphere!”
Fernando Aleman, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Navega Therapeutics

"Top people in the field presenting - KOLs - good to hear experiences from other labs/companies, and what hurdles stood in their way, and how they got around them. Detailed technical advice about drug delivery for this modality, and importance of site of expertise in a very specialized area, all in one location”
Darcey Clark, Senior Principal Scientist, Nonclinical Drug Safety, Merck

2022 Partners Included

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