Welcome to the Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Summit (GTxN)

Discover Novel Gene Therapy Delivery Routes to Effectively Target the CNS, Optimizing Preclinical Models to Confidently Translate into the Clinic & Mitigate Immunogenicity to Deliver an Efficacious Dose

Built with the field’s thought-leaders from the likes of Pfizer, Biogen, Voyager and Novartis, GTxN is the industry’s first and only meeting dedicated to solving your translational drug development challenges enabling you to accelerate the development of your neurological gene therapy candidate.


Review recent gene therapy clinical successes and failures targeting neurological disorders to identify improvement areas and opportunities to guide your future research

Discover the latest advances in administration routes and vector engineering to improve delivery success
Address immunogenicity and the dosage challenges seen with gene therapies to identify the optimal therapeutic window


“I was impressed by many of the speakers and learnt a significant amount, which I was able to
bring back to our discovery team.”
Stephen Krause, Senior Principal Scientist, Eisai

“Excellent networking and learning opportunity for pharma scientists.”
Matthew Kennedy, Director, Merck

“Excellent conference with a very good and diverse set of speakers and topics”
James Cassella, Chief Development Officer,
Concert Pharmaceuticals

Group Discounts Available:

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2-3 Delegates
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4 Delegates

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5+ Delegates

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