Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, December 6

Workshop A: Gene Therapy for Neuropathic Pain

8.30am - 11.30am EST 

With gene therapy pipelines expanding into new target areas within neurology such as neuropathic pain, this workshop will showcase the challenges and opportunities of using gene therapy as an approach to reduce pain hypersensitivity.

Attend this workshop to:
• Discover the huge unmet clinical need of patients suffering from chronic pain conditions as the development of selective and efficacious NaV1.7 inhibitors have failed to demonstrate clinical benefit in multiple trials
• Understand the biology behind neuropathic pain and the mechanism of action by which genetic therapies can intervene
• Explore gene-based therapeutic approaches as a potential strategy to treat chronic pain conditions using in vivo data

Workshop Leaders:

VIRTUAL: Workshop B: Advances in Fluid Neurological Biomarkers

12.00am - 3.00pm EST 

Beyond rare diseases, neurological gene therapy pipelines are now turning to more common disorders. This workshop will explore the latest research in fluid biomarkers of neurological disease to detect treatment effects in gene therapy of neurodegenerative disease.

Attend this workshop to:

• Discover the latest research in fluid neurological biomarkers for reducing invasiveness for patients
• Discuss neuroinflammatory biomarkers to detect CNS immunogenic responses
• Review the detection of gene therapy improvement

Workshop Leader:

Workshop C: Gene Therapy for Hearing Disorders

3.30pm- 6.30pm EST

Genetic factors are the cause of more than half of children born with hearing loss cases. This workshop will showcase the latest research in targeting the inner ear with gene therapy for a variety of hearing disorders.

Attend this workshop to:

• Explore the hearing disorders suitable for gene therapy approaches
• Discover intracochlear administration
• Discuss the challenges and opportunities for gene therapies targeting the inner ear

Workshop Leader: