Ken Mullinix

Ken Mullinix

Company: Biomere

Job title: Head of Surgical Services


PANEL: How Do We Know Our Therapy Works? 12:00 pm

Assessing the preclinical development of biomarkers to demonstrate efficacy and aid clinical translation What are key hurdles prohibiting effective assessments of preclinical efficacy for CNS targeted gene therapies and how can biomarkers be leveraged to tackle such challenges? How can we leverage technological innovation within the digital biomarkers field to better determine therapeutic response?Read more

day: Day One: Track A AM

PANEL: Assessing the Realities, Challenges & Opportunities of CNS Drug Delivery 8:30 am

Metanalyses of relevant safety & biodistribution clinical data for delivery options Overcoming translational challenges with novel devices to ensure consistency & satisfy regulators Uncovering next generation devices for CNS administrationRead more

day: Day One

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