Partnership Opportunities

Last year we united over 200 drug developers working in neurological gene therapy from leading biopharma, and this year we are expecting to grow the meeting even further.

Having conducted extensive research with these drug developers while putting together the 5th Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Summit, we know exactly what biopharma are looking for to partner with solution providers to help expedite their development.

Companies are looking to expand their gene therapy portfolios or enter the neurological space, but drug developers face a significant number of hurdles currently preventing these therapies from reaching commercialisation, from poor translatability of preclinical models to clinical trial monitoring, delivery challenges and more.

Experts Need Your Help With:

Drug Delivery Technology: Gene therapy developers need your help in delivering their therapeutics to the CNS with high efficacy and improved safety

In Vivo & In vitro Preclinical Models: When working with neurological disorders, a key challenge is the translatability of preclinical models when scaling up from an in vivo model to a human brain. This is a particular challenge for rare neurological indications, where there are limited preclinical models available.

Diagnostic tools & Digital Biomarkers: Identifying starting points for disease intervention and monitoring disease progression is particularly challenging for neurological disorders, and developers are seeking novel technology to overcome these roadblocks. From imaging to wearable monitoring technology, your innovations may be key to gaining successful regulatory approval for gene therapy developers.


Why Partner?

Meet your 2023 commercial objectives and educate decision-makers on how your expertise can deliver gene therapies to patients more effectively

Showcase your expertise to leading gene therapy organisations by securing an exhibition booth to set yourself as to go-to service provider in this community

Demonstrate thought leadershipand drive brand exposure by securing a speaking slot on the agenda to connect with the community and generate partnerships

Maximize the balance of content and networking to generate leads and build new relationships with industry pioneers