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What was the business challenge Invicro were facing?

Gene therapies offer extraordinary promise in repairing certain molecular defects on the cellular level. With biopharmaceutical companies currently leading hundreds of clinical trials at varying stages within the development pipeline, with some already approved in the marketplace, it is essential to understand the biology of these candidates early in the discovery stage. As a leading molecular imaging company, Invicro not only offers traditional in vivo imaging modalities, but some differentiated capabilities that help overcome specific challenges. Our 3D fluorescent imaging technology called Cryofluorescence Tomography (CFT), developed by Emit Imaging, provides enhanced sensitivity and resolution to truly capture the biological properties of gene therapies administered in preclinical animal studies. Being able to talk about these differentiated service offerings to leading gene therapy experts is critical, and this meeting provided us with that opportunity.


Why was Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders a perfect solution?

The Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders meeting provided a great forum for our scientific and commercial teams to meet with leading experts in the gene therapy space. Prior to the meeting, the Hanson Wade team reached out to delegates to provide introductions and help set up one-to-one meetings; this was extremely effective and not something that is typically available at larger conferences. Moreover, during this meeting, we were able to learn what the current challenges are from early discovery to clinical trials and eventual product commercialization. By bringing together a distinguished group of experts, we were able to better understand what the gene therapy market needs to support critical aspects of the drug discovery research process. This was indeed a highly productive and informative meeting for the Invicro team.


What happened as a result of partnering with Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders?

By participating in Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders, our team was able to foster new relationships with biopharmaceutical partners. By forming new relationships, we are able to offer solutions that will help researchers make discoveries faster that will help deliver cutting-edge therapeutics to patients suffering from devastating neurological disorders. Our team was pleased with the quality of this summit and we look forward to participating again.


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